Countdown to finals for high school students
Th.hai, 26/04/2010, 08:22 Lượt xem: 1965

Once the Ministry of Education and Training released the six exam subjects for finals in early April, high schools have been rushing to prepare students.

Most schools apply an intensive study plan. Students must attend more classes in the day, extra classes in the evening and then study at home with no time for relaxation.

Xuan Mai, a student of Vo Thi Sau School in HCM City, will try her best to prepare for semester tests and final exams, so that she can obtain the title of “excellent student” as her parents hope.

Mai leaves home early in the morning for school, where she spends five hours, and then rushes to extra classes.

“I have three study shifts a day and I return home late at 9 pm,” she explained.

Mai is so busy that she has no time for lunch. She cannot return home for meals after school, because she has to attend extra classes early in the afternoon. She must eat on the way.

Mai added that she is not unusual. “All modern students must study hard like me,” she observed.

Besides normal study schedules, some schools ask students to add three more lessons a day during the afternoon. Some even offer lessons at night and on weekends.

Students of Thanh Binh Private School, for example, stay at school to review lessons from 7:30pm to 10pm each day.

“My son always gets home late. He does not much time for meals. But what can we do?” posited a parent seen waiting to pick up her son.

When asked about the intensive study schedule, Thanh Binh School Headmaster Le Van Linh confirmed that students must stay until 10 pm. Students who finish reviewing earlier, can leave sooner than other students, he noted.

Most students complain that they feel worried about the exams, because they will have three exam subjects, literature, history and geography. They claim they must memorize too much material.

Tuan Hung, a student of Nguyen Trung Truc School is a primarily a mathematics student, so he finds it difficult to learn social science subjects.

“I have to spend too much time on memorization. I just hope I can pass the exams,” Hung admitted.

Even students who are keen on social sciences also proclaimed that three social sciences exam subjects this year is too much. A Phu Nhuan School student revealed that she and friends have to spend too much time to review history, because it is very difficult to remember events, figures and dates. “We get confused about dates and figures,” she lamented.

Source: VnExpress