Ngân hàng IELTS: Speaking – Thành ngữ về nhà ở
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Một số từ vựng về nhà ở:

 I recently spent a month on vacation – but instead of staying in a hotel, I looked for a short-term rental (a place to live that can be rented for a short period of time). I ended up sharing a two-bedroom apartment – that’s an apartment with two bedrooms, a living room, and a kitchen – with some friends.

  • on vacation: kỳ nghỉ
  • short-term rental: nơi ở tạm thời
  • a two bedroom apartment: căn hộ 2 phòng ngủ, 1 phòng khách, 1 nhà bếp 

It was actually cheaper than renting a studio apartment (an apartment with only one big room) all by myself.

  • a studio apartment: căn hộ với chỉ một phòng lớn
  • by myself: một mình

The apartment was on the top floor of a five-story building (that’s a building with five floors) and it had a balcony overlooking the ocean (that means you can see the ocean from the balcony). From the roof, we also had a nice view of the city skyline (this is another expression used when you can see something from a certain place).

  • a five-story building: tòa nhà 5 tầng
  • a balcony: ban công
  • a nice view of the city skyline: thấy đường chân trời của thành phố từ một điểm cố định

The apartment had recently been remodeled/renovated – meaning it was fixed up and improved – and was fully furnished, so it already had furniture (beds, tables, etc) and appliances (refrigerator, stove, etc.)

  • (be) remodeled/renovated: được tu sửa và nâng cấp
  • (be) fully furnished: được trang bị đầy đủ
  • appliances: thiết bị

We loved the spacious living room (the room was big), but unfortunately, the bedrooms were rather cramped (small and uncomfortable). It was nice to spend a month there, but by the end of the trip I started to feel homesick – that’s when you feel sad because you miss your life at home.

  • the spacious living room: căn phòng rộng rãi
  • (be) rather camped: tù túng
  • feel homesick: nhớ nhà

I’d really like to have a place of my own so that I’m not throwing away money on rent every month, but there’s a real shortage of affordable housing (houses/apartments that are reasonably priced) in my city. Even if I stay away from the upscale neighborhoods (areas where rich people live), I’d still have to take out a mortgage (borrow money from the bank, in order to buy a house) and it’ll take me more than 30 years to pay it off.

  • a place of my own: nơi riêng tư
  • affordable housing: nhà/căn hộ giá cả hợp lý
  • upscale neighborhoods: khu nhà giàu
  • take out a mortgage: mượn tiền ngân hàng mua nhà
  • pay it off: thanh toán hết

But still, I’m gonna start saving up for a down payment (an initial payment on a big purchase). Someday, when I do move into a new place, I’ll be sure to throw a housewarming party (a party to celebrate living in a new house/apartment).

  • a down payment: tiền đặt cọc
  • throw a housewarming party: tiệc lên nhà mới

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